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Welcome! Share your Project & Session ideas here! 
(or create a new page at the bottom for other shenanigans you want to bring...)

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(Need ideas? Check out YxYY004, YxYY003, and YxYY002.)
heather v
  • Glitter tattoos with heather vescent. I'll bring supplies. It will happen somewhere.
62 days ago
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For any sessions, projects or activities that you definitely plan to do and that require a gathering space see the list below for the potentially available spaces. Please fill out this form if you need to reserve a space for your project or session. Amy Muller will be in touch. 
Hillary H The Commune (pictured above) - large, light-filled, indoor, air conditioned space near the quiet pool.
Talks, workouts, yoga, and many all-community indoor events can take place here. The rest of the time, that space will have tables & chairs available for smaller sessions and gatherings. Very likely, multiple smaller sessions will be going on here at once as it's one of the few large, air conditioned spaces.
Amy M
  • The Commune is spoken for for the entirety of Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings
The Commune Pool (pictured above) -- the quieter of the two pools. 
There'll be DJs here during the day from 10am-6pm but they know to keep it on the chill side. This pool closes at 2 a.m. There's some lounging areas around this pool but not a ton of lounge chairs. 
The Commune Lawn -- near the Commune & Commune Pool.
Outdoor space for lounging in the sun and shade.
Hillary H The Moroccan Patio -- shaded outdoor space w/ table & chairs between the Amigo Room (indoor bar) and the main pool.
Great for small conversation-based sessions and games if you don't mind the heat. Keep in mind that there will be amplified DJ music (thanks to our YxYY volunteer DJs) out there during the day.
Amy M The Main Pool -- the party pool & giant hot tub. 
There'll be DJs here during the day from 10am-6pm. It'll stay open until 4a.m. Plenty of lounge chairs, small tables, and sun shades.
Hillary H The Amigo Room -- dark, indoor, air-conditioned bar. 
There is a house-system that ipods, ipads & laptops can hook up to for music. 
Amy M The Co-op (pictured above) -- smaller, light-filled indoor, air conditioned space right off the Moroccan patio.This will be set up as the Maker Lounge all weekend. Chock full of fun toys like a MakerBot, Arduinos, RasPi's, and more....
This will be another space for activities, sessions, game-playing. 
Stargazing Deck -- overlooking the main pool & Moroccan Patio
Small deck with lounge chairs and small tables. Not covered other than possibly some shade umbrellas. Lovely at night.
Contact: Amy Muller - Please fill out this form and Amy will be in touch! 
78 days ago
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YxYY Survival Guide
Part of our culture at YxYY is that, aside from a few anchor activities (see schedule & map) [change to 2017 version when available] there are no pre-published schedules. The goal is to be present & discover the fun as it happens around you, rather than showing up with your whole weekend already planned. 
YxYYers are encouraged to invite people to their fun however you wish! If you have a discussion you’d like to start, a talk you’d like to give, or a karaoke competition you’d like to instigate, feel free to announce it on the app or however you wish (pirate flag, bullhorn, whisper chain)! 
YxYY App 
Hillary H Stay tuned!
Why yes, it is! If you are unaccustomed to the balmy temps of Palm Springs in the summer, please take care of yourself. This means drinking more water than you think you need (cocktails do not count), cooling off in the pool, or inside at the ACE, and reapplying sunscreen and/or wearing a hat. Try to avoid being that-dude-who-went-to-the-ER-during-YxYY, m’kay? 
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Hillary H YxYY005 Wiki
Ann V Welcome! Share your Project & Session ideas here! 
(or create a new page at the bottom for other shenanigans you want to bring...)
Hillary H Help / Contact Us: help@yxyy.us
How to Use Hackpadtips for wiki-nerds
To get started adding to the 2017 YxYY Wiki, be sure to click "Add to Collection" in the top right corner (by hovering over the "..." or the "YXYY005" label) and add your new page to the YxYY005 Collection.
  • Logistics
Hillary H
Ann V
Willo O
  • The "Schedule" & Map (coming soon)
H H Helpful links / Google docs
Amy M
  • Need a space to gather for your session, project or activity? See here!
Hillary H
  • Attendee Brainstorming
H H Project Ideas
Hillary H Each project can have its own page, or just a paragraph in the master list. Be sure to put your name next to it, and you can use the @ symbol to tag/recruit people. Hashtags work to clump together ideas, too.
H H Session Ideas
Hillary H Add your session ideas to this list. Remember, there's no advanced schedule or announcements. But brainstorming here can help us see what y'all are cooking up!
H H Miscellaneous
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Unfiled. Edited by Hillary Hartley 78 days ago
Hillary H First rule of Yes Club? There are no dumb questions. 
"If you're not sure, ask someone instead of assuming."
  • Can I bring my drone/quadcopter/UAV?
  • Yes. :) We've had them there before. But thanks for asking!
  • Yes! King's Highway, the restaurant inside the Ace, will remain open to the public, but the rest of the facility is for Yay-Sayers only for the duration of the event. 
  • Related: When eating at King's Highway, please show them your wristband and/or mention you're with YxYY so your bill goes toward our food & beverage minimum!
More answers can be found here: http://bit.ly/yxyy005-faq
78 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Hillary Hartley 78 days ago
Food, Glorious Food
The Ace Hotel has a terrific restaurant on property called King's Highway. You'll be able to order by the pool and get room service. You can also eat in the restaurant, which will be open to the public as well (so be sure to wear your YxYY wristband at all times and if you're staying at the Ace it helps to charge it to your room.) They officially don't allow outside food on property but they're chill with our event with regard to what takes place in rooms. By the pool, though, they will not want outside food/drinks other than water bottles. But no glass containers!
299 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Audrey Ellen Wu 299 days ago
  • Simone Jude (Conference - staying at the Jupiter)
Audrey W
  • Megan Sette (festival pass, housing TBD)
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