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Welcome! Share your Project & Session ideas here! 
(or create a new page at the bottom for other shenanigans you want to bring...)

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If you see any online harassment, trolling, or other questionable behavior taking place in the YxYY mobile app, Facebook Group, HackPad or Slack community, please report it immediately to help@yxyy.us. 
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Alexandra S Link: The science behind surviving a heat wave (aka "Why you need to drink lots of water this weekend")
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The Ace Hotel has a terrific restaurant on property called King's Highway. You'll be able to order by the pool and get room service. You can also eat in the restaurant, which will be open to the public as well (so be sure to wear your YxYY wristband at all times and if you're staying at the Ace it helps to charge it to your room.) They officially don't allow outside food on the property but they're chill with our event with regard to what takes place in rooms. By the pool, though, they will not want outside food/drinks other than water bottles. And no glass containers!
While King's Highway serves an excellent breakfast and you can even order breakfast outside on the Moroccan Patio, we'll also have some quick options available for you at the Main Pool Blue Bus on Saturday & Sunday mornings from 7:30-11:00am. On Monday morning it will be served in the Commune from 7:30-10:30am so you can fuel up before heading home.
165 days ago
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  • Must make a request to use this space via the form linked above or scheduled directly with Amy Muller if YxYY has already kicked off. The Commune is not available for the entirety of Friday, on Saturday afternoon and on Saturday & Sunday evenings.
The Commune Pool (pictured above) -- the quieter of the two pools. 
There'll be DJs here during the day from 10am-6pm but they know to keep it on the chill side. This pool closes at 2 a.m. There's some lounging areas around this pool but not a ton of lounge chairs. This is a great place for talking sessions all weekend long.
The Commune Lawn -- near the Commune & Commune Pool.
Outdoor space for lounging in the sun and shade. Another great spot for talking sessions.
The Moroccan Patio (also known as The Swim Club on the map) -- shaded outdoor space w/ table & chairs between the Amigo Room (indoor bar) and the main pool.
There is a house-system that ipods, ipads & laptops can hook up to for music. Open to all attendees all weekend. Good place for small group sessions that can gather in a large booth or around a couple of tables.
The Clubhouse (pictured above) -- Two levels, 4000 sq feet, indoor, air conditioned building with outdoor private patio off the ground floor & veranda off the top floor. 
  • The Clubhouse, first floor is where event registration takes place on Friday afternoon and then will transform into the Maker Lounge, chock full of fun toys which may include a MakerBot, Arduinos, RasPi's, and more.... This is a good space for other ongoing creative projects and activities that don't need quiet. Check it out & bring your project or craft! It'll open Friday night at 9pm and will be open for the most part all weekend long.
Amy M
  • The Clubhouse, second floor is an indoor air conditioned space, with beauitful views. It opens out onto a large deck. This will be a great space for sessions & activities. Must make a request to use this space via the form linked above or schedule directly with Amy Muller if YxYY has already kicked off.
The Robot Lounge / Room 315 -- One of our YxYY005 Sponsors, Kuri, is hosting a Robot Lounge throughout the weekend in Room 315 - an Ace Suite. Stop by to check out the Kuri Robot. They'll also open the space for sessions off & on throughout the weekend.  Check with Amy Muller to see when it's available and to reserve it for your session.
Stargazing Deck -- overlooking the main pool & Moroccan Patio
Small deck with lounge chairs and small tables. Not covered other than possibly some shade umbrellas. Lovely at night. Open to all attendees all weekend.
Various fireplaces -- scattered about the property.
There are gas fire places with seating scattered around the property near the rooms. Great for smaller conversations & meet-ups. Open to all attendees all weekend. Just be mindful of noise level late at night as they're all near rooms.
172 days ago
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There are lots of volunteering opportunities at Yes&. It's a great way to help us pull this off and to meet fellow Yasayers! A description of the opportunities are below. Fill out this form to sign up for a shift (or two! ;)
Our Volunteer Wrangler, Jay Allen, will be in touch with you soon!  We also may send out calls for spontaneous help throughout the weekend as well in our #005-volunteers YesAndCommunity Slack channel. (Not a member yet? Click here.)
  • Volunteer Opportunities:
Swag Bag stuffing & Registration setup
Arriving on Thursday? Help us with Thursday night swag bag stuffing & registration setup. 
Club House, first floor. 8:00pm-10:00pm. Bonus: you get a sneak peek at all the awesome stuff going in your bags.  
Want to meet EVERYONE on your first day? Join us for Friday event registration and help us greet & check in all the unique cast of characters that are your fellow YxYYers, hand out t-shirts & schwag bags.
There are several shifts in the (air-conditioned!) Club House between 12:30pm-5:30pm.  Then, between 7:30pm-8:30pm, we have a late-arrivals shift on the Commune lawn where people gather for the Welcome Cocktail Party.
Do you know when to hug 'em and when not to hug 'em? Greet your fellow Yaysayers Burning Man style (albeit with less dust) as they arrive on Friday.  Make them feel welcome with a hug or a high five and point them in the right direction. These shifts take place right outside the Hotel Lobby front doors between 12:30pm-6:30pm.
Ambassador of Yes!
Are you a YxYY veteran, grok what Yes& is all about, and are good with people? Become an Ambassador of Yes and help us make the landing and entry to YxYY as smooth as possible for newcomers. 
174 days ago
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7:30a-11a: Light, No-Host Breakfast Bar, Main Pool Blue Bus
Amy M 8:00pm: YxYY Storytelling, Commune - sign up here if you'd like to share a story
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