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Willo O'Brien

515 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willo O'Brien 515 days ago
7:30a-11a: Light, No-Host Breakfast Bar, Main Pool Blue Bus
7:30a-11a: Light, No-Host Breakfast Bar, Main Pool Blue Bus
507 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willo O'Brien 507 days ago
Yes, there’s an app for that! We strongly recommend you download it before your weekend gets started to check out who’s here and what’s happening. Search the iPhone/Android app store for YxYY or hit these links:
A big thank you to our sponsors as well. They’re the reason you have swag in your bag and drinks in your hand! Good people amplifying the YES for all of us. 
Meet this year's partners (new blog post!): 
534 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Amy Muller , Willo O'Brien 534 days ago
  • Yes. :) We've had them there before. But thanks for asking!
  • Don't sweat it man, you look great.
Willo O
  • It's 102º... how are you wearing pants!?
  • Do we have the whole hotel? No other guests but us?
  • Yes! King's Highway, the restaurant inside the Ace, will remain open to the public, but the rest of the facility is for Yaysayers only for the duration of the event. 
  • Related: when eating at King's Highway, please show them your wristband and/or mention you're with YxYY so your bill goes toward our food & beverage minimum!
First rule of Yes Club? There are no dumb questions. 
More answers can be found here: http://bit.ly/yxyy004-FAQ
493 days ago
Willo O YxYY Afterglows, Gatherings & Meetups (like Decompression, but with more YES)
Add your events here! Feel free to host one in your town and post it here & on the FB group! 
You can also check the Yaysayers FB Group* events + the public YxYY Page events on Facebook to see if anything else has been scheduled there.*If you have attended YxYY and you're still not in the (set to secret) FB group, please email help@yxyy.us 
  • YxYY Meetups within other Events
Burning Man - August 28-Sept 5, 2016 - Black Rock City, NV
Add your camp/location below! See also YxYYers at TTITD
Jay A
  • Jay Allen aka (Ranger) Bayou. Camping at Ranger Outpost Tokyo (9&C, across from the bright red cross of the 9 o'clock med station). On playa from Aug 26-Sep 10, 2016
  • In addition to working as a Ranger, I'm also doing a boatload of Gate, Perimeter & Exodus shifts
Stephen F
  • Stephen Frost at Pink Heart, 8:00 and Esplanade. I'm setting up the Dream Swing out in front of our camp. On Playa Aug 25 to Sep 6, 2016.
Anat S
  • Anat Sapan @ 930 esplanade  camping with Big Immagination 747.  I will be there for early set up .  Also playa name is Galore. ;)
XOXO - September 8-11, 2016 - Portland, OR
YesAndians usually organize a brunch while there. Add your name below if you're going!
John B
Amy M
493 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ann Larie Valentine , Willo O'Brien 493 days ago
Please do not edit this front page! 
(but feel free to add to the post-event page below!)
We (co-founders), and many other inspired YesAndians, host YES-gatherings year-round! Some even happen within other events, like Burning Man, XOXO, and others. If you are craving the connection and camaraderie you felt with your fellow YesAndians this July, or have an event you attend and want to find your YES-Tribe there, add it to this page and ignite a discussion in the FB group to gather the YES!
Ann V
  • YxYY004 Hackpad/Wiki
This year's event is complete! We'll leave this Hackpad up for reference & recreate an new one in 2017. 
Thank you for all your contributions to 004!
511 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willo O'Brien 511 days ago
is there a SF Yes group? I know when I was NYC side it was sometimes tough to know who was where... also gah! all the things happening in cities I couldn't get to! Would be great for folks traveling to be able to go to THAT CITY page and say YO. Not sure if FB is the best, or if it should be somewhere else...
Amanda D So this ^ links to a FB group so secret that I can't even request to join it. How does one get added?
Willo O Hi, Amanda (and anyone else not yet in the secret FB group): Please email help@yxyy.us with the email address you use for Facebook, and we'll be happy to add you. 
Click the link to add yo' camp/project/thong color choice...
*WTF is Decompression?
The term 'Decompression' was originally coined by Burning Man attendees, defined as follows: 
511 days ago
Unfiled. Edited 511 days ago
Lets Inspire the World to Say Yes 
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