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Ann Larie Valentine

313 days ago
Add your events here! 
Willo O You can also check the Yaysayers FB Group* events + the public YxYY Page events on Facebook to see if anything's been scheduled there.
*If you have attended YxYY and you're still not in the (set to secret) FB group, please email help@yxyy.us 
YxYY Afterglow Meetups (like Decompression, but with more YES)
Burning Man - August 28-Sept 5, 2016 - Black Rock City, NV
Add your camp/location below! See also YxYYers at TTITD
Jay A
  • Jay Allen aka (Ranger) Bayou. Camping at Ranger Outpost Tokyo (9&C, across from the bright red cross of the 9 o'clock med station). On playa from Aug 26-Sep 10, 2016
  • In addition to working as a Ranger, I'm also doing a boatload of Gate, Perimeter & Exodus shifts
Stephen F
  • Stephen Frost at Pink Heart, 8:00 and Esplanade. I'm setting up the Dream Swing out in front of our camp. On Playa Aug 25 to Sep 6, 2016.
Anat S
  • Anat Sapan @ 930 esplanade  camping with Big Immagination 747.  I will be there for early set up .  Also playa name is Galore. ;)
XOXO - September 8-11, 2016 - Portland, OR
YesAndians usually organize a brunch while there. Add your name below if you're going!
John B
Amy M
709 days ago
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Ann V YxYYers at TTITD
Going to Burning Man? Tell us where you'll be and/or what projects you'll be a-bringin'!
432 days ago
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YxYY 004 Attendee List (add yourself & your links!)
324 days ago
Jonathan M Go: the Floating World
I'm bad at playing Go, but I'm great at teaching it, especially to beginners.  I'm going to bring some floating Go sets that can be played while swimming in the pool, and I'll teach as many people to play as I can before the sunscreen wears off.  (I'm just 4 kyu, so dan-ranked players should probably pair off with other supergeniuses or your local neural network.)
Ann V -ooh fun - thanks Jonathan!
Tantek.com Rational Discourse
A participatory session co-led by Tantek and Thor.
Summary: Why? From words & framing, to fallacies & empathizing, there's a lot we all do (and can help each other improve). We'll look at a few examples, from "the media", to a thread or two of our own FB group.
When: tentatively Saturday mid-morning, after yoga, before Joy.
Where: looking for a room
709 days ago
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[yes to footnotes]
is there a SF Yes group? I know when I was NYC side it was sometimes tough to know who was where... also gah! all the things happening in cities I couldn't get to! Would be great for folks traveling to be able to go to THAT CITY page and say YO. Not sure if FB is the best, or if it should be somewhere else...
TBD: LA Decompression
TBD: NYC Decompression
Aka Tara & Carlos are visiting Laura in Boston, so, hey. Why not.
Click the link to add yo' camp/project/thong color choice...
Alexis F 9/10-9/13: YxYY at XOXO  
(link to form to share preferences)
Are you going to a conference? Are you speaking at one? Get it on this list! 
This will also be an awesome resource by way of conferences we've loved attending / speaking at in the past so we can all can keep an ear to the ground when for their next CFP comes out. 
Did you hear about an open call to speak at some awesome conference? Did you get news of an art grant that's open? Maybe an internship or travel opportunity? Get it in here! 
Post up what you've heard about, and when you've got that proposal drafted up, get some feedback from folks who are in the know. MORE YES EVERYWHERE. 
  • Maybe Next Year... 
Stuff that occurred to us this year that we don't want to forget about for next year. I feel like I've had a ton of ideas in past years, but then forgot over the winter, or didn't get them in front of my face again soon enough to be well enough prepared this year!
Hey, maybe some of these could happen during a winter Yes, or during our in-between Yes meetups / decompressions!
DON'T LOOK if you'd rather keep the surprise...
?           ?          MORE          ?          ?
Laura F *WTF is Decompression?
326 days ago

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