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Ann Larie Valentine

165 days ago
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The "Schedule" + Map 
Ann V updated for 2017!
Please do not edit
As we all know, YxYY is generally a schedule-free event. However, we do have a few anchor events and scheduled bits that are helpful to know.
3pm: Ace Hotel check-in begins
7:30pm: Welcome Cocktail Party at the Commune Pool (Registration commences again here)
8:30pm: Opening Remarks, Commune
9pm: YxYY Ignite, Commune - sign up here if you'd like to present
9pm - 2am: YxYY005 Prom, Commune, Theme: Space & Time
163 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ann Larie Valentine 163 days ago
  • Glitter tattoos with heather vescent. I'll bring supplies. It will happen somewhere.
Ann V
  • Poolside Primers - Teach us anything for 5 minutes! A chance for YxYYers to display their skills & knowledge to us poolside.  - Ann Larie Valentine (nods to whomever came up with this in year 1 - I loved it!)
162 days ago
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Here is a Pinterest inspiration board for costumes (thx Lauren van Mullen!) & another Pinspiration Board for party decorations and aesthetics.
Ann V Concepts - Think spatial orientation, time travel, parallel universes, perception/concept of time, historical and future eras, Dr Who, the theory of relativity, metaphysics. Elaborate on these and more, as YxYYers are wont to do!
163 days ago
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You will receive a YxYY Event wristband when you check in (not to be confused with your free-drinks wristband!). This is your 24-hour all-access pass to all areas of the hotel and must be worn at all times, even in the pool! 
Coming early/staying late? Your YxYY Event wristband will allow you access to the pool area. Thanks, Ace! 
493 days ago
Add your events here! 
Willo O You can also check the Yaysayers FB Group* events + the public YxYY Page events on Facebook to see if anything's been scheduled there.
*If you have attended YxYY and you're still not in the (set to secret) FB group, please email help@yxyy.us 
YxYY Afterglow Meetups (like Decompression, but with more YES)
Burning Man - August 28-Sept 5, 2016 - Black Rock City, NV
Add your camp/location below! See also YxYYers at TTITD
Jay A
  • Jay Allen aka (Ranger) Bayou. Camping at Ranger Outpost Tokyo (9&C, across from the bright red cross of the 9 o'clock med station). On playa from Aug 26-Sep 10, 2016
  • In addition to working as a Ranger, I'm also doing a boatload of Gate, Perimeter & Exodus shifts
Stephen F
  • Stephen Frost at Pink Heart, 8:00 and Esplanade. I'm setting up the Dream Swing out in front of our camp. On Playa Aug 25 to Sep 6, 2016.
Anat S
  • Anat Sapan @ 930 esplanade  camping with Big Immagination 747.  I will be there for early set up .  Also playa name is Galore. ;)
XOXO - September 8-11, 2016 - Portland, OR
YesAndians usually organize a brunch while there. Add your name below if you're going!
John B
Amy M

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