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Amy Muller

58 days ago
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For any sessions, projects or activities that you definitely plan to do and that require a gathering space see the list below for the potentially available spaces. Please fill out this form if you need to reserve a space for your project or session. Amy Muller will be in touch. 
Hillary H The Commune (pictured above) - large, light-filled, indoor, air conditioned space near the quiet pool.
Talks, workouts, yoga, and many all-community indoor events can take place here. The rest of the time, that space will have tables & chairs available for smaller sessions and gatherings. Very likely, multiple smaller sessions will be going on here at once as it's one of the few large, air conditioned spaces.
Amy M
  • The Commune is spoken for for the entirety of Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings
The Commune Pool (pictured above) -- the quieter of the two pools. 
There'll be DJs here during the day from 10am-6pm but they know to keep it on the chill side. This pool closes at 2 a.m. There's some lounging areas around this pool but not a ton of lounge chairs. 
The Commune Lawn -- near the Commune & Commune Pool.
Outdoor space for lounging in the sun and shade.
Hillary H The Moroccan Patio -- shaded outdoor space w/ table & chairs between the Amigo Room (indoor bar) and the main pool.
Great for small conversation-based sessions and games if you don't mind the heat. Keep in mind that there will be amplified DJ music (thanks to our YxYY volunteer DJs) out there during the day.
Amy M The Main Pool -- the party pool & giant hot tub. 
There'll be DJs here during the day from 10am-6pm. It'll stay open until 4a.m. Plenty of lounge chairs, small tables, and sun shades.
Hillary H The Amigo Room -- dark, indoor, air-conditioned bar. 
There is a house-system that ipods, ipads & laptops can hook up to for music. 
Amy M The Co-op (pictured above) -- smaller, light-filled indoor, air conditioned space right off the Moroccan patio.This will be set up as the Maker Lounge all weekend. Chock full of fun toys like a MakerBot, Arduinos, RasPi's, and more....
This will be another space for activities, sessions, game-playing. 
Stargazing Deck -- overlooking the main pool & Moroccan Patio
Small deck with lounge chairs and small tables. Not covered other than possibly some shade umbrellas. Lovely at night.
Contact: Amy Muller - Please fill out this form and Amy will be in touch! 
340 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Amy Muller 340 days ago
While King's Highway serves an excellent breakfast and you can even order breakfast outside on the Moroccan Patio, we'll also have some quick options available for you at the Main Pool Kiosk (that spot where you pick up pool towels) on Saturday & Sunday mornings from 7:30-11:00am. On Monday morning it will be served in the Commune from 7:30-10:30am so you can fuel up before heading home.
309 days ago
Add your events here! 
Willo O You can also check the Yaysayers FB Group* events + the public YxYY Page events on Facebook to see if anything's been scheduled there.
*If you have attended YxYY and you're still not in the (set to secret) FB group, please email help@yxyy.us 
YxYY Afterglow Meetups (like Decompression, but with more YES)
Burning Man - August 28-Sept 5, 2016 - Black Rock City, NV
Add your camp/location below! See also YxYYers at TTITD
Jay A
  • Jay Allen aka (Ranger) Bayou. Camping at Ranger Outpost Tokyo (9&C, across from the bright red cross of the 9 o'clock med station). On playa from Aug 26-Sep 10, 2016
  • In addition to working as a Ranger, I'm also doing a boatload of Gate, Perimeter & Exodus shifts
Stephen F
  • Stephen Frost at Pink Heart, 8:00 and Esplanade. I'm setting up the Dream Swing out in front of our camp. On Playa Aug 25 to Sep 6, 2016.
Anat S
  • Anat Sapan @ 930 esplanade  camping with Big Immagination 747.  I will be there for early set up .  Also playa name is Galore. ;)
XOXO - September 8-11, 2016 - Portland, OR
YesAndians usually organize a brunch while there. Add your name below if you're going!
John B
Amy M
345 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Amy Muller 345 days ago
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350 days ago
323 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Amy Muller 323 days ago
Jess Barron and Adrienne St. Aubin can we draft you for this again? I'll happily contribute arm balance tips. -t (pretty sure Jess Barron has offered to do this again! I hope I hope! -ALV)
Amy M
  • Yes, Jess Barron is leading yoga. Keep your eye on the app Friday night, once "event adding" has opened up, for time & place. (Amy)
328 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Amy Muller 328 days ago
How to participate: Dial (415) 657-6631 and follow the instructions.
I like it, Rob!
I love to make films that majorly incorporate dance. I find the most valuable part of the process is involving people who are new to dance or film. Sometimes, I teach people choreography on the spot and then, we film it. It's fast and easy and the result is unpredictable. I'm always altering how I approach this process and would welcome input. Beyond dancing, others who are interested could help create choreography, engage people to participate and record film/video. No sound would be recorded. I can bring my Super 8mm and digital cameras.
+1 from me! 

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