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heather vescent

244 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by heather vescent 244 days ago
(Need ideas? Check out YxYY004, YxYY003, and YxYY002.)
heather v
  • Glitter tattoos with heather vescent. I'll bring supplies. It will happen somewhere.
529 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by heather vescent 529 days ago
heather v Expanding y/our Emotional Capacity
A conversation/discussion about, basically, how to be more human in this increasingly techno-focused world. For the past 4 years, I've been actively practicing to expand my emotional capacity - whatever the fuck that means. I'm curious to meet and discuss with others, techniques you've used to be more human, present, conscious, aware and emotionally connected to other humans (with and without technology). And yes, this most definitely has to do with evolving relationships models. 
1265 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Emily Tsiang , Arshad Tayyeb , heather vescent , Thor Muller 1265 days ago
  • Arshad Tayyeb - one ticket and one patio with garden room  - arshad@smallership.org  (In Progress)
Arshad T
  • Arshad Tayyeb - another ticket.
Emily T
  • Emily Tsiang - one ticket - emily.tsiang@gmail.com (will sell for less than face value!)
  • Ezra cooper, ezra@ezrakilty.net -- two tickets and one hotel room with a king sized bed.
  • Devin McIntire - devin.mcintire@gmail.com - social entrepreneur who is a collaborative consumption advocate and innovator, and has a background in sustainability. Created a peer-to-peer cooking startup!
Yelena R
  • Yelena Rachitsky yrachitsky@gmail.com - working and passionate in the field of innovative storytelling. Looking to create full story immersion with no walls. Ecstatic dancer. Give good hugs. 
heather v
  • Heathervescent - making the Future of Money TV series - second year of bootstrapping so I'm low on cash, but high on social capital and geodesic dome space. (3 Y&YYers are already staying in the dome before Y&YY, and a couple are talking about staying afterwards). Hostess of the Depeche Mode Appreciation Hour and bringer of blow-up friends.

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