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Audrey Ellen Wu

479 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Audrey Ellen Wu 479 days ago
  • Simone Jude (Conference - staying at the Jupiter)
Audrey W
  • Megan Sette (festival pass, housing TBD)
900 days ago
+ Film making - Sam Friedman
+ Degaussing
+ Proper Posture
+ Baking - Carl Tashian
+ Being Awesome - Marc Smith aka themarcsmith
+ Failing Elegantly /How to change careers - Audrey Wu
+ Storytelling  - Tim Van Loan
+ Drawing - aditi rao
+ Napping - Carl Tashian
Alexis F + CuntHacking - Alexis Finch
+ 3D Printing
Alli M + Facepainting - Alli Magidsohn
+ Question-asking - Alli Magidsohn
+ Speaking at Conferences - Laura Jane Fitton
Alice W + Relationships, Etiquette, and Resolving Conflict - Alice Warren-Gregory
Anna S + Working for yourself (consulting, freelancing, etc)
+ Conquering Your Inner Perfectionist - Anna F Sawyer
lisa d + Ontologize anything! - do you need a conceptual structure or glockenspiel lessons? - lisa dawn
900 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Audrey Ellen Wu , Derek Dukes 900 days ago
` YxYY003 Session Ideas
Cross Pollination What tips, tricks, hacks are you using for your non-tech business or projects? What's made the biggest impact? What tools so you rely on? Derek Dukes
1243 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Audrey Ellen Wu 1243 days ago
Digital Marketers Unite A place where we can share innovative ideas on digital marketing, content creation and new platforms, because let's face it, we're all tired of using FB and TW.  Let's get our audiences excited again!  Also what are your search, social and mobile strategies?  Let's talk!! Audrey Wu Shade (by the pool), patio or maybe the Commune room depending on how hot it is.

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